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New York Hotel Motel Show

new york hotel motel show

    new york
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motel hotel

motel hotel

After driving 8 hours we arrived safely in Niagara Falls, NY only to almost run out of gas. We then went to 5 motels before finding one that was both open, and had a room. Well, this one was open... I had to talk the guy into letting us take someone else's room who was late for their reservation. The owner reluctantly agreed as I waived my visa in his face and chanted "but i have money for you right now".

So, after sneaking our two cats into the motel I took this shot. It shows a glimpse into the motel world of cheese, delapitation, age, and hideousness. It's a microcosm of downtown Niagara. In other words, Niagara is a shit-hole.

Some shots of the falls tomorrow am before we head to our next stop, an 8.5 hour drive to Chicago.

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Show de descontração

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new york hotel motel show

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